Infra & Facilities


We source the best machinery for our clients from the best manufacturers. We are in association with the leading machinery manufacturers in the country. We provide range of production line – Mini paver plant , Semi mechanized paver plant , Fully automatic paver plant suitable for all production capacities. The key machinery of these are vibroforming tables.

SMF (Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde)

SMF powder and Color Oxides are used in the production process. Well known superplasticizer used in paver production around the world. It is a high range water reducer for construction and industrial products with ultimate strength. SMF powder most widely used as an additive in all types of grouts, mortars, coating and as a component of concrete admixtures and emulsions. It is a free powder with many inheriting peculiarities ideal for dry blending and water dissolution. We ensures 12 month life span in natural conditions, if it is stored in sealed containers under a roof.

In-plant Training On Paver Production

We provide In-plant training for our interested clients that will make the paver production much easier to do. Well qualified professionals will give detailed description regarding all the sections related with paver production. We can analyze all the sections throughout the training process that will make us more experienced with its use and application. Training will take place from the production process till the installation stage and also assist you to find better marketing facilities for your products. You can analyze all the sections with live working of machines that will enable you to perform in technical stages more efficiently.


Plastic Mould

PVC Mould

Rubber Mould

Compound Wall Mould