Tile Mixer Machine for Face Mixing

150 kg /Batch 150 kg /Batch
Power 3 HP Motor
Drum Speed 35 RPM
Plate Thickness Bottom:10 mm. Drum Plate:10 mm
Dimension 32" dia,depth 16"
Reduction Gear Box System Ratio 40:1,no:3 Brand MM Gears/Hellicon
Bearing SKF

Muller Type Base Mixing Machine

Capacity 500 kg
Power 7.5 HP Motor(jai/kirloskar)
Dimension 50" dia,18" depth
Weight 750 Kg
Muller Rotation P Mi 16 RPM
Plate Thickness 12 mm bottom, Drum Plate :10mm
Gear Box System Bottom (Open System)
Gearing SKF

Vibrofirming Table

Power 2 Hp Motor/Table 2 Tables
Total Horse Power 4 HP
Vibrating Table Size Length: 3000 mm Width :830 mm height :900 mm
Maximum Size Of The Tile 600 600 mm
Maximum Height Of Tile 100(recommended)
Weight 600 kg 2
Movement Of rubber Mould In Vibrator Table Automatic
Production Capacity 2000 Squt.per Shift For Inter Lock 2500 Squt.per Shift For tiles