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Chemicals: SMF Powder (Solid) (Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde Power)

This Plasticizer (setting chemical or Hardener) is used extensively in tile production. SMF Powder is a high range water reducer. It gives excellent early and high ultimate strength. This chemical is used as an additive in all types of grouts, mortars, coating and as a component of concreted mixtures and emulsions. It is a free powder and processes characteristics ideal for dry blending and water dissolution.

(Shelf life: 12 months in normal ambient conditions, stored under a roof in sealed containers)

SMF Powder is a superplasticizer and high range water reducer for construction and industrial products based on Portland cement and other types of hydraulic cement. SMF Powder is used as an additive in all types of grouts, mortars, coatings and as a component of concrete admixtures and emulsions. Powdered superplasticizer is a spray dried powder with free flowing characteristics ideal for dry blending and water dissolution.


It is an anionic polymeric dispersant that deflocculates the particle agglomerations that form when cement and water are combined. Dispersion of the cement causes a reduction in the plastic viscosity of the cement paste which results in improved workability and decrease the water cement ratio.

  • Improved plastic and hardened physical properties
  • Workability (Rheology)
  • Volume stability
  • Bond
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Strength
  • Density
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Application

    Grout, Mortar, Packaged Concrete Thoroughly blend SMF Powder with other dry ingredients. The typical dosage rate is 0.2% to 1.5% by weight of cementitious materials. Concrete Admixture dissolved form of powder can be used as a primary or secondary component in admixture formulation. Emulsions superplasticizer Powder can be dissolved in water based emulsions.


    SMF Powder is a cost effective and reliable dispersant with unique and important performance characteristics.

    Cohesive low viscosity Rheology without increased tendency to segregate, bleed and foam.

    Normal set and strength development due to limited interference with hydration of the cement.

    Compatible with latex and cellulosic additives.

    Compatible with a wide range of cement chemistries.

    Long shelf life.

    White color.

    No chemical smell.


    SMF Powder is compatible with most mineral and chemical components common to construction and industrial products based on hydraulic cement.


    Performance and safety should always be evaluated with actual materials and conditions of usage. Refer to the MSDS for information regarding formaldehyde content.

    Shelf Life and Storage

    SMF Powder is stable in storage for at least two years after the date of production when kept in the original unopened package in dry storage and not exposed to temperature above 105 F (40 C).


    55 pound (25 kg) poly-lined paper bags. Bulk packaging is available.